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Self-guided tours, complete with photos and music. Take a trip on your travels or at home.

Washington Square Arch in Greenwich Village NYC.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is filled with the ghosts of 400 years of American settlement. This 2-mile Trip features some of the extraordinary music history of the Village but includes some additional tidbits for context. And, of course, to conjure a ghost or two.

Springsteen Trip

Starting only about an hour from New York City, this day trip explores Springsteen Country - from Bruce’s hometown, through his Jersey Shore stomping ground, to the communities he has called home since 1996.

So, “roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair…”

Grateful Dead Trip

Which San Francisco neighborhood do you most associate with the Grateful Dead? Stupid question, right? Well, take this Grateful Dead North Beach Trip, and you just may think twice about answering Haight Ashbury the next time the question is asked.

Memphis Driving Tour

This day trip covers 90 years of Memphis music history with stops of interest for fans of nearly all musical genres. Alternatively, just like a good Memphis Dry Rub, you can season to taste by spending more time at places of interest and eliminating those that are not.