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Travel guides for music fans. Book your travel through links on Trips ‘n’ Tunes to support music charities.


If you are not yet moving to Nashville, you are probably planning a vacation there. At least that’s how it seems. The town is booming. As an Uber driver told me many years ago, the official bird of Nashville is the construction crane.

San Francisco

On my first visit to San Francisco in 1986, I knew right away that it was the place where I wanted to live. If you love music and are considering a visit to the City by the Bay, cue up the San Francisco Tunes playlist below and read this Travel Guide for a local music lover’s perspective.

Mission District mural. San Francisco Travel Guide

Mission District

The Mission is a vibrant San Francisco neighborhood (with the warmest microclimate) where the forces of gentrification are engulfing the vestiges of San Francisco’s historic Hispanic settlement.

North Beach

North Beach draws visitors and locals alike to its bustling outdoor cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops. There are plenty of things to do in the neighborhood, day and night. This Travel Guide highlights live music venues, restaurants, shops, and events along with some fascinating...


Located less than an hour and a half from Memphis, Tennessee, Clarksdale is an ideal home base for exploring the Mississippi Delta. But let me warn you, once you go, you will want to return.


Nashville may refer to itself as Music City, but the contributions of Memphis to the music world are at least as significant. The Trips 'n' Tunes Memphis Travel Guide was created with music fans in mind.