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I'll Take You There

Welcome to Trips 'n' Tunes, your music travel resource. Whether you are planning a trip to someplace new or just looking for fun in a familiar place, I've got you covered.

About me

Hola Amigos!

Way back in '66, I liked rocking out whenever I saw a band on television. The party lasted until my parents grew tired and sent me to bed.

These days I like to travel...exploring magical places in music history and searching for today's unforgettable live music experiences.

Trips 'n' Tunes is filled with self-guided Trips, music festival and travel guides, and plenty of Tunes from my travels.

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Note: Trips 'n' Tunes may receive affiliate compensation, at no added cost to you, for purchases made through some of the links on this website. All revenue earned in 2023 will be donated to music-related charities.